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MBIS Technology Architecture | Sales and Distribution
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Sales and Distribution

Sales and Distribution

Sales and Distribution module, a standard component of SAP ERP, covers the following functions:

  • Bidding and bid monitoring processes
  • Monitoring of customer contracts
  • Premium/Discount agreements
  • Preparation and monitoring of sales campaigns such as promotion or free sample campaigns
  • Credit and risk management
  • Sale and shipment according to delivery plan or confirmed order
  • Monitoring of order costs
  • Monitoring of packaging and returnable containers
  • Transportation/shipment planning
  • Monitoring of transportation costs
  • Consigned sales and shipment
  • Billing

Besides these functions, SD module can be integrated to external systems in many different ways through SAP technology:

    • Communication with RF devices,
    • Integration with warehouse systems,
    • Communication with other parties such as customs, customers, transporters etc.

SAP offers companies a robust sale and distribution infrastructure through additional functions such as online sales.

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Depo Sistemleriyle Entegrasyon

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