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MBIS Technology Architecture | Quality Management
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Quality Management

Quality Management

The Quality Management module in SAP covers the following functions:

  • Basic Quality Control Data,
  • Quality Control in Procurement,
  • Control of Samples,
  • In-process Quality Control,
  • Quality Control in Contract Manufacturing,
  • Final Quality Control,
  • Quality Control in Shipping,
  • Quality Inspection of Returned Goods


  • Control of certificates,
  • Mass production controls,
  • Calibration controls,
  • Repeated controls (for perishable goods),
  • Stability studies,
  • Miscellaneous controls,
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC), Control Charts,
  • Inspection Management.

Quality in SAP doesn’t merely consist of control definitions. Certain documents that are monitored within the Quality Management system can be managed by SAP QM module through Quality Notifications and statistical results can be obtained. The processes that can be monitored through quality notifications include:

  • Vendor problems
  • In-process defects (Defect type – Defect location Analyses),
  • Internal discrepancies,
  • Customer complaints,
  • Six Sigma,
  • 5S,
  • Product performance reporting,
  • APQP,
  • Environmental notifications,
  • Surveillance activities,
  • Other

It’s also an option to keep several documents in Quality Notifications with Document Management System (DMS) and references can be made to these outputs.

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