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MBIS Technology Architecture | Procurement and Inventory Management
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Procurement and Inventory Management

Procurement and Inventory Management

Material Management module, a standard component of SAP ERP, covers the following functions:

  • Material requirement planning based on consumption,
  • Procurement,
    • Management of purchasing requests
    • Bids and evaluation
    • Contract management
    • Purchase orders and monitoring
  • Inventory management
    • Goods received
    • Goods withdrawn
    • Monitoring special stocks (e.g. consignment, subcontracting, or customer stocks)
  • Logistic invoice management
    • Controlling and processing invoices related to procurement
    • Generating credit slips
    • Generating price difference invoices
    • Generating return invoices
  • Inventory
    • Periodic inventory counting
    • End-of-year inventory counting

These functions enable you to:

  • Optimize all procurement processes through work-flow based handling procedures,
  • Carry out automated vendor evaluation, and
  • Lower procurement and storage costs through precise inventory and warehouse management.
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