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SAP's first in Turkey, Gold Partner | MBIS Weighbridge Software
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MBIS Weighbridge Software

MBIS Weighbridge Software

The Weighbridge Software has been developed to allow weighbridge tasks to be executed and controlled through SAP. It allows weighbridges to be connected directly to the SAP sysytem without requiring extraneous weighbridge software. All related controls and all the activity stemming from weighbridge processes are realized real time in SAP. Problems arising when independent weighbridge programs are used, such as the need for subsequent processing of the data, creation and keeping of backup files in separate computers for each weighbridge, creation of separate weigbridge reports which then need to be consolidated, and the like, are eliminated.
The application plays an important part in speeding up the operations and increasing control especially in food, cement, chemical industries and the like which rely on weighbridge processes. It allows the processes that need to be performed through SAP following the weighing of the goods received and issued to be automatically executed, eliminating the need for weighbridge slips to be entered to the system subsequently. The jobs performed following weighings are as follows:

  • Automatic reception of goods corresponding to purchase orders
  • Automatic reception of goods without purchase order
  • Provisional admission of goods to the temporary warehouse
  • Making out consignment bills by creating automatic delivery at shipment stage
  • Automatic execution of internal stock transfer
  • Weighbridge operations can be followed through the SAP system, allowing the vehicles that come in and go out and those in the premises to be easily tracked.

The weighbridge application includes many functions that help control the plant entrance and exit processes:

  • Vehicle tare control
  • Vehicle load control
  • Calculation of net weight considering wastage and packaging weight
  • Special processes supporting tasks related to procurement from producers, such as defining producers, receiving of goods from producers, or creating producer receipts
  • Authorized staff being able to print loading/unloading orders, weighing slips, producer receipts, or sales consignment bills automatically through the weighbridge application
  • Attachment of entrance and exit photos to the weighbridge slip
  • Detailed tracking of all operations with the weighbridge report
  • Detailed inquiry of vehicle weighbridge status (eg. in the premises, out of the premises, loading)

Additionally, special functions are provided to follow up jobs other than internal transit, shipment and reception of goods, that do not create changes in inventory, eg. hauling waste/debris.

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