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MBIS Supplier Web Gate

MBIS Supplier Web Gate

Today, businesses adopt a more strategic approach in their relationships with suppliers due to the increased level of procurement activities. Companies aim at shortening the procurement process and thus lowering costs by making use of the Internet technologies for the management of supplier relations and achieving online cooperation with the suppliers. Supplier Web Gate is a product which works in integration with SAP, where the suppliers can track the procurement processes online.

With Supplier Web Gate, you can open a window in your web site for your suppliers, where each supplier can log in the system with a password and use the following functions:

Master Data

  • Product and price list
  • New product announcement
  • Posting product prices
  • Product document update

Contract Management

  • Contract list
  • Contract approval
  • Contract documents

Order Management

  • Asking for offers
  • Purchase order processing
  • Call processing (EDI)
  • Delivery plan approval
  • Filing complaints with the supplier
  • Document management system

Delivery and Shipping Management

  • Creating delivery documents
  • Creating shipping labels
  • Creating transit documents
  • Delivery list
  • Shipping list


  • Creating invoice documents
  • List of invoices
  • Sales reports


  • Current accounts report
  • PPM report
  • Shipping performance report
  • Tracking received goods quality control results
  • Supplier evaluation results
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