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MBIS Technology Architecture | MBIS Service Web Gate
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MBIS Service Web Gate

MBIS Service Web Gate

Service WebGate, developed to allow authorized service centers to run their service operations online, is part of the WebGate family. The product allows tasks such as creating a failure enty, making a warranty inquiry, posting a repair job, and closing an entry to be easily realized online by the service centers and to be transferred directly to the ERP system.

Additionally, orders for spare parts can be placed via WebGate, allowing authorized services to work fast and efficiently. The system also offers current position tracking functions.

Service WebGate, also includes web site functions such as announcement management, survey management, and document management besides service management tasks.

Service WebGate covers the following fuctions:

Service Tasks

  • Creating and tracking service entries
  • Incidental service records
  • Warranty monitoring
  • Service fee determination
  • Tracking of failure documents
  • Notification of customers via SMS
  • Product tracking through integration with Yurtiçi Kargo

Announcement & Warning Management

Survey Management

Current Position Monitoring

  • Authorized services accrual/progress payment reports
  • Financial position reports
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