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SAP's first in Turkey, Gold Partner | Jimarin
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You can follow your internal affairs in the mail environment of your company through the Jimarin Management Portal. In the same way, you can follow your projects or investments from Jimarin on a process-by-project basis.

Because it is cloud-based software, it does not put you at the cost of additional hardware. As you are connected to social media tools, Jimariny can be linked to the portal; Follow your work, assign tasks to your employees, and organize your meetings. Jimarin is a management instrument under your hands from every medium you visit.

With Jimarin’s staff, you can analyze their performance according to the resolution period of your tasks so that you can see the places that are in trouble more easily. With the advanced dashboard structure, you can see the ictal values from the admin console more easily with graphs, and also allow you to customize up to the last point with detailed reports. Instead of losing and losing time in your electronic mail for your company employees and departments in different folders you create in your e-mail box, you can organize your company into Jimarin and follow your work, assignments, and projects from one screen to another. Gymnastics helps you achieve immediate results with notifications.

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