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MBIS Technology Architecture | MBIS Foreign Trade Solution
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MBIS Foreign Trade Solution

MBIS Foreign Trade Solution

The Foreign Trade Module allows you to realize your import, export, and incentive tasks more easily and more efficiently. The logistics, financial, and incentives functions included in the module are listed below:

Logistics Functions

  • Real-time tracking of goods as Customs/Customs Warehouse, In Transit, and Warehouse Inventory
  • Detailed follow up of customs and clearance processes
  • Packaging and shipping element (container) tasks
  • Registering actual and planned departure and arrival dates of vehicles
  • Tracking of the details of vehicles’ lines and routes
  • Inspection (Quality Control) planning
  • Notification of predetermined parties via e-mail
  • Ability to create documentation related to import and export

Financial Functions

  • Controlling the actual exportation dates to be observed in accounting
  • Controlling planned and actual bills of insurance, freight, and other customs fees
  • Follow up of Documentary Credits integrated with Credit Management
  • Import payment and advance payment processes in compliance with the Turkish legislation
  • Detailed follow up of indirect procurement costs
  • Ability to enter the costs of importation incurred prior to the realization of payment/actual importation date
  • Currency conversion in accordance with import legislation
  • Detailed costing of import files

Incentive Processes

  • Opening and closing incentive files
  • Incentive positions, balances, and reporting
  • Matching up of export declarations and incentives
  • Linking import and export operations to incentive files automatically
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