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MBIS Customer Web Gate

MBIS Customer Web Gate

Customer WebGate is a B2B e-trade application developed by MBIS to work in integration with SAP. It is intended to help businesses fortify their marketing and sales activities using Internet technology. Many companies’ retail dealers, distributors, or customers place their orders through telephone, fax or e-mail, which are then manually entered to the system by sales executives. As the number of sales points increases and the sales processes become more complex, the operation of entering the orders into the system turns into a time consuming job, taking up most part of marketing and sales staff’s time.

Additionally, an important amount of time must be allocated to answer the questions asked by customers. Questions about goods in transit, risk status, product prices and campaigns come up especially frequently, and the accounting department has to issue separate statements for each customer for reconciliation, which constitute the functions we think businesses are most likely to utilise within the system.

Customer WebGate is a web application where our clients can easily execute all their operations online on their own. It has the appearance of an e-trade web site and can be implemented with speed as it is parametric and user friendly and fully integrated with SAP.

The application can be used by customers as well as members of the staff dealing with multiple customers such as regional managers or customer representatives, to place, approve, or report orders.

The quality of its technological design allows for interface changes to match the corporate profile or addition of new functions as desired. The functions included in Customer WebGate are the following:

Orders Module

  • Listing of products (gross or by customer) in a catalogue system
  • Listing of product prices and inventory information
  • Placing orders
  • Creating a shopping cart and placing express orders
  • Preparing proposals
  • Confirmation of proposals and orders

Shipping Module

  • Listing of shipped goods’ status and consignment bills
  • Delivery confirmation
  • Accounting Module
  • Listing of invoices by customer
  • Listing of paid/unpaid invoices by customer
  • Position and risk reporting

Content Management

  • Announcement, warning, and survey functions
  • Document management
  • Publishing product images and technical documents
  • Publishing leaflets, inserts


  • Order report
  • Delivery report
  • Position report
  • Management Module
  • Management and authorization of users according to their roles
  • Tracking users logged in the system
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