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MBIS Technology Architecture | Investment Management
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Investment Management

Investment Management

The Investment Management module is aimed to allow the management of investments plans and the tracking of the pertaining financial processes on the SAP system.

It targets especially the tracking of large scale investment projects such as R&D projects, Maintenance Programs and the like.

The Investment Management module is integrated with the Fixed Assets module. The current investments in activation phase can be entered into the Fixed Assets module automatically.

It runs directly with CO – Internal Orders and PS – PSP components. Planned/budgeted data can be entered directly through Internal Orders and Project Structure Plan (PSP) components and the planned, budgeted and actual values of investments can be compared directly.

The Investment Management module allows you to track the progress of investments, the actual costs, exceedances of budgeted/planned values at every stage in a sound and systematic manner.

It is also possible to simulate depreciation over investment programs. The module has its own reporting system.

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