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Business Analytics

Business Analytics

SAP Business Intelligence is a solution that gathers company data dispersed in several sources into a single source and functionalizes them. SAP Business Intelligence processes masses of enterprise data within its own data warehouse to produce meaningful relations, enterprise reports and solutions that can back strategic decisions from them.

SAP Business Intelligence applications:

Data Warehouse application functions:

  • Stores data from all kinds of data bases, including media such as Excel and Notebook, in a single source, with rational classification, based on subject, which enables end users to achieve high query performance.
  • Binds data situated in different clusters, for example data from Sales and Profitability analyses can be bound and reported together by easily building flexible structures.

Integrated Planning application functions:

  • Enables budgeting and planning for future periods and comparing projected values with actual values in the data warehouse and produces reports.

Data Mining and Advanced Analysis Tools functions:

  • Discovers the relations such as cause-and-effect, periodicity, association and the like in enterprise data, facilitating projections into future periods and helps strategic decisions.

Reporting Tools functions:

  • Produces effective, visual, easy-to-use reports. Allows each user to create their own queries and produce meaningful analyses and flexible reports without having to use any complex query language.

BI Content Standard Business Contents:

  • Shortens project time and lowers implementation risks.
  • Presents industry-specific standard solutions.

Web Application Design:

  • Enables all Business Intelligence applications to be viewed on web and mobile devices.
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