Optimize Your SAP System with Application Management Services

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Digital transformation has been a part of our lives for a while now. And yet, its speed and constant change is still a challenge to keep up with for many institutions. Future success requires a transformative approach within each one of them, especially in their IT departments. Hence it is crucial to embrace a visionary mindset, benefit from the experts and get the necessary services for the best use of business-related technologies and human resources.

However, although many of them have embraced the technological infrastructure to race in the current business environment (like ERP systems), the way they use these technologies and workforce still comes with a question mark. And this question can be phrased as: How can one keep up with the future while always being busy with day-to-day operations?

In this article, we are going to elaborate the challenges companies face in the use of SAP systems and find out what SAP Application Management Services offer to solve them.

Let’s start with identifying these challenges.

The Challenges

Today, many institutions spend most of their IT budgets on maintenance and support for ERP applications. But since these systems are constantly evolving, changing and upgrading, it is crucial to have the right talents in the team who can adapt and manage these technologies in business life. Unless they have the right human resources, the real value of these software solutions remains untapped. And as a result, it impacts the total cost of ownership (TCO), leads to vital risks, and fails in end-user satisfaction.

To avoid this, institutions face a rise in maintenance and support costs continuously. Since the demand for ERP talent is also not stable, adjusting the size and composition of the IT teams becomes quite challenging. Not to mention how talent management can seriously affect return on investment (ROI).

Now let’s have a look at the survey displaying the tasks that make up the most of IT teams’ day-to-day operations:

Optimize Your SAP System with Application Management Services

Hence, it is obvious how managing the IT infrastructures, such as SAP, drain the IT resources. So, what do companies think about solving this problem? Do they use technologies such as automation or artificial intelligence for the management of their SAP systems?

Optimize Your SAP System with Application Management Services

The answers demonstrate where most companies stand on this question. Although many of the respondents are interested in automation solutions, they have no plans to implement such solutions due to the above-mentioned challenges. But there is a much simpler solution that eliminates these hesitations: Application Management Services (AMS). These are services that outsource some or all of companies’ enterprise application support. So, let’s have a look at what AMS does as an external service provider and why it is important.

SAP Application Management Services (AMS)

SAP Application Managed Services (SAP AMS) are managed services for SAP applications. At the core of a good AMS service lies offering time to value. It includes the processes, people, and methodologies to improve, optimize, and manage mission-critical SAP environments. And the services can range from full application outsourcing to hybrid landscape management.

The AMS providers enable the best use of your SAP solution and they cost a much lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than an internal application support model. But it is important to note that these end-to-end services must be given by qualified experts to deliver maximum value to your institution.

A good AMS provider enables your internal IT department and organization to benefit from the full potential of your SAP solutions. Your IT departments can make use of AMS to get expert SAP assistance in any related area, and these services should be easy to access and always available. We can list the business benefits of a good AMS provider as follows:

  • You will need fewer IT staff to deal with incidents, which translates into lower operating costs as the number of problems decreases.
  • By constantly fine-tuning applications, it is possible to minimize the impact of insufficient performance and reduce the related total service costs by discovering and eliminating hidden inefficiencies.
  • AMS offers a great cost advantage, as you will no longer have to search for various hard-to-find IT professionals, eliminating all the tangible and intangible costs that come with their hiring, training, managing, and retaining.
  • The AMS specialists with a certain set of skills provide a new point of view into your IT and business operations based on their experience and measured metrics.
  • Dedicating large amounts of internal IT resources to application surveillance can hinder overall business growth.
  • Through this new visibility into your organization, you can make tactical or strategic improvements based on assessments coming from AMS in ways that you may not have considered before.
  • AMS increases productivity and enables your team to focus on strategy and implementation, not on monitoring infrastructure. Through ongoing technical support, you can free up your IT team, so they are able to concentrate on innovating.
  • As technologies evolve, your organization becomes exposed to system security and data privacy issues. AMS can better protect your application infrastructure by identifying where vulnerabilities exist.
  • AMS teams have more industry know-how and are more accustomed to addressing challenges related to application downtime and malicious attacks.
  • AMS are scalable. That means you can easily use the right amount of services according to your changing needs and save time and money accordingly.

To sum up, you should consider that a good AMS provider must have a deep SAP expertise and understand your IT infrastructure, specific needs and processes thoroughly to move your business transformation forward. Also, the provider has to offer you a contract that provides deployment flexibility.

At this point, we present you MBIS’ expertise on SAP Application Management Services.

Meet MBIS SAP Application Services

MBIS provides an extremely flexible service model that allows businesses to customize application management services (AMS) to their specific IT and business objectives. We offer a full scale of high-quality AMS services for SAP, including systems integration. Our technical capabilities are supported by our advisory consultancy that helps our customers choose the optimum managed service model and move to the target state successfully.

Our Applications Management Services are designed to manage, maintain, support, and enhance SAP systems and their technology infrastructure. We let our customers benefit from our knowledge of best practice processes, gaining cost reductions and optimized operations. We are relentlessly focused on driving down costs, improving quality, and accelerating value in every aspect of our AMS services. Additionally, MBIS Global’s application management experts can help organizations overcome all of the above-mentioned challenges to improve application performance and achieve better business results.


  • Affordable service with near-offshore structure
  • Proven track record of success with more than 120 reference clients
  • Extremely customizable services to meet your each and every specific need
  • ITIL and ISO27001 Certified and SAP Gold Partner
  • Services come with innovative tools such as Code Optimizer for ABAP, System Guard for SAP and more
  • More than 20 years of experience and expertise in professional support services
  • Deep business-specific know-how for more than 15 industries
  • R&D centre with high capacity of coding to meet your unique needs
  • Delivery of successful SAP implementations which will be of use for your strategic objectives

Scope of MBIS SAP Application Services

Scope of our expert services include:

  • Recording, analysing, and resolving ‘unplanned interruption or reduction in quality of SAP systems or services’ (a Service Interruption) according to defined solution scope and agreed SLAs.
  • Root cause analysis and resolution of problems (causes of one or more incidents) according to defined solution scope and agreed SLAs.
  • Implementation of Service Request (request from a user for something to be provided – for example, a request for information or advice; to reset a password; or access to an SAP function) according to defined solution scope and agreed SLAs.
  • Observing and checking states, quality, capacity, and performance of the SAP system components, keeping them under systematic review, taking standard and regular activities or performing corrective and preventive actions whenever needed.
  • Customizing SAP systems in response to business, process, or legal changes, creating new reports according to defined solution scope and agreed SLAs.
  • Coding ABAP .NET, JAVA programs to complement, support or enhance standard SAP functions.
  • Management and maintenance of various types of integrations structures (online, batch etc.) between SAP&SAP and non-SAP&SAP.
  • Monitoring and reporting whether services are being provided in accordance with the agreed service level targets.
  • MBIS can also provide additional services which are required by its clients such as periodic system security tests, regular disaster recovery site testing etc.

What Do People Say About MBIS SAP Application Services?

Optimize Your SAP System with Application Management Services
Optimize Your SAP System with Application Management Services
Optimize Your SAP System with Application Management Services

Ensure Efficient Business Processes with MBIS

We have elaborated the factors on how managing the IT infrastructures is draining IT resources with day-to-day operations and preventing business-specific innovations. And, concluded that with the right application management services (AMS) provider, you can leave SAP application management challenges to experts and focus on your core business.

So, does your technology infrastructure operate uninterruptedly to support your business goals and adapt to changing conditions? If not, you can provide end-to-end management of your SAP and non-SAP applications with the professional services of MBIS and ensure your processes run smoothly and efficiently. MBIS is always with you for the flawless operation of your IT operations.

You can contact us to get more information about MBIS SAP Application Management Services and ensure efficiency of your business processes.

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