How RISE with SAP Unlocks the Real Value of S/4HANA Cloud

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How RISE with SAP Unlocks the Real Value of S/4HANA Cloud

We are in the era of a technological revolution called digital transformation, which is radically changing the way we run all of our business processes. From the smallest to the largest businesses, everyone is taking steps to strengthen their organizations with digital transformation solutions. Because, as in every technological revolution, actors who cannot keep up with modern standards lose their position in the competition.

Of course, the digital transformation trend did not start suddenly. As the capabilities of digital devices improved over the years, they became usable for business processes.

Cloud computing is one technology that takes the capabilities of digital devices to an advanced level. According to Gartner, by 2022, public cloud services will be the primary source of innovation in data and analytics. SAP, which has been creating important products in the field of cloud computing for a long time, has released a transformation package called RISE with SAP so that businesses can benefit from cloud technology in their digital transformation.

In this article, we’ll talk about how RISE with SAP unleashes the power of S/4HANA in the cloud and the benefits it brings to businesses.

What is RISE with SAP?

SAP created RISE with SAP not as a new product but as a SaaS solution that supports digital transformation with its holistic and cloud-focused approach. It was created for companies that want to transform with a package shaped around the public and private cloud deployment of SAP S/4HANA ERP solution and includes many cloud services needed in business processes.

The RISE with SAP solution was created as a combination of the following key components:

  • Business Process Transformation Starter Pack
  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud ERP solution
  • Outcome-Driven Tools & Services
  • SAP Business Network Starter Pack
  • SAP Business Technology Platform

Benefits Of RISE with SAP

RISE with SAP offers business transformation as a service for organizations to support their business processes in line with their needs. While it provides unique additional benefits for every company and industry, here are the basic benefits when you start your transformation process with RISE with SAP:

More Efficient Business Processes

A modern ERP running in the cloud provides far more efficient automation and business process intelligence capabilities than primitive ERPs. With additional services that minimize errors, strengthen the decision mechanism, and expand business networks and opportunities, RISE with SAP enables you to use your resources in the most efficient way and support your company’s future with the most accurate predictions.

Easy Adaptation to the Today & Future of Technology

The possibilities created by modern technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, are increasing day by day. The components that come with RISE with SAP make use of these technologies already.

However, integrating the innovations that will emerge as a result of research and development studies into your system means constantly experiencing the most modern state of business technologies. The digital solutions brought by RISE with SAP can be easily updated to their newest versions thanks to their functional architecture.

Easier Business Process Management for Teams

The combination of a modern ERP solution with cloud technology increases the operational pace and reduces complexity. Since your IT team and all other units can perform the most accurate operations in a short time for every process they need to manage, the time they can devote to the most important tasks of the company increases radically.

How Do RISE and Cloud Technology Unlock the True Potential of S/4HANA?

How RISE with SAP Unlocks the Real Value of S/4HANA Cloud

RISE with SAP puts the cloud version of the S/4HANA ERP solution at the center of your digital transformation. However, an on-premise version is also available for S/4HANA. The main reasons to use the S/4HANA cloud version instead of the on-premise version are as follows:

Easy Implementation

During the implementation of on-premise solutions, the IT team encounters many problems due to hardware and technological infrastructure partners. The cloud version is much easier to implement as there are no physical limits.

Effortless Infrastructure and Maintenance

When you implement the S/4HANA cloud version with RISE with SAP to your organization, you transfer all infrastructure and maintenance operations to SAP. Getting rid of these operations, which require significant effort and time from your IT team and a significant amount of resources from your organization, allows your IT team to work much more efficiently.

Consistent Accessibility, Full Compliance

When you use cloud solutions, your system can be accessed from anywhere at any time due to the unique structure of the cloud architecture. This allows you to ensure that each of your services is continuously working with the same efficiency. The interaction between services is much faster and safer.

Regular System Updates

In the on-premise version, your IT team should carry out all necessary updates in order to adapt innovations that emerged as a result of research and development to the system. You always benefit from the most up-to-date version of the S/4HANA cloud version when you use RISE with SAP.

Reduced Upfront Investment

Since RISE with SAP is a cloud solution, it reduces the upfront investment in technological infrastructure and licenses. It allows you to manage the budget you will allocate for solutions much better according to your usage rate.

Easier Business Transformations With RISE with SAP

The path and needs of each company during their transformation into an intelligent enterprise are different.

However, RISE with SAP, which offers many services in a single package that you may need in a holistic transformation in line with the technological potential of the future, can make it easier for you to determine your roadmap.

If you need help completing your digital transformation with RISE with SAP to ease the transition to S/4HANA and unlock its hidden potential, you can contact the MBIS team, which has 20+ years of experience in SAP products.

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